Lost Souls by Butler, Shine & Stern & Partners (BSSP)

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Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners annual Halloween treat addresses that nagging feeling so many staffers feel late at night while working away. The feeling that they just aren't alone in their 1930's former Shipbuilding space used by the navy to build supply ships for World War II. Everyone at BSSP knows there is one conference room where nothing works. That at night unnatural drafts appear and then disappear. And then there are the noises. And footsteps.

So they sought out local ghost hunters "Lost Souls Investigations" (top in their google search). The duo came in armed with the latest ghost listening and catching tools including an x-box connect which is known by those in the ghost world for picking up hidden movement in a room. Not surprising to many who work at BSSP, ghost "Robert" revealed himself to the Lost Souls investigators Tammy Gyarmathy and Drew Morrow. He also told them he wasn't alone. A thorough check of John Butler's office where Horror artifacts line his shelves revealed nothing there. But elsewhere in the building, ghosts are on the prowl.


Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners

CCO: John Butler

ECD: Tom Coates

Director/Editor/Cinematographer: Jason Apple

Art Director: Mary Wuensch

Copywriter: Erin Ridgeway, Patrick French

Lost Souls Investigations


Tammy Gyarmathy, Founder

Drew Morrow, Investigator

IKEA: Stuff Monster by Rethink

Added 20 September 2019
Agency: Rethink
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