2K Sports: KG's Back by Butler, Shine & Stern & Partners (BSSP)

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Kevin Garnett spent 21 years in the NBA before retiring in 2016, and now he’s coming back. Not to play, however, but to dunk on virtual players in the video game NBA 2K.

To promote the game, BSSP put Garnett in an ad that finds him reflecting on his career. ‘KG’s Back’ is a digital campaign featuring the 15-time NBA All-Star. The film features a restless Garnett engaging in passive hobbies such as catching up on his reading and honing his scrapbooking and needlepoint skills. As we see him reflecting on his illustrious career, a children’s choir, ‘Nothing but Treble,’ sings of his imminent comeback. Weirdly, they are joined by a robed Michael Rapaport, who follows Garnett around the house, while the chorus sings a new version of Pachelbel's Canon, complete with NBA 2K-themed lyrics.

Realizing he can still enjoy the action and excitement of his NBA career by using KG MyTeam Packs to build his dream roster, Garnett then joins actor, podcast host, writer, director, and avid NBA fan Rapaport for a trash-talk laden NBA 2K18 gameplay session.



Tom Coates – Executive Creative Director

Sinan Dagli – Associate Creative Director

Patrick French – Copywriter

Cameron Murray – Copywriter

Alex Anderson – Senior Art Director

Alex Eley – Account Director

Mal Gretz – Account Supervisor

Fearghal O’Dea – Senior Integrated Producer

Halsey Stowe – Associate Strategy Director


Jason Argent – SVP, Basketball Operations

Alfie Brody – VP, Sports Marketing

Billy Inglis – Sr Brand Manager

Andrew Blumberg – Sr. Brand Manager

Ronnie Singh – Director, Digital Marketing

Arts & Sciences

Tom Scharpling - Director

Mal Ward - Managing Director

Mark Marrie - Executive Producer

Christa Skotland - Head of Production

Kristin Porter - Line Producer

Cut and Run

Deanne Mehling - Executive Producer

Pete Koob - Editor

Yessian Music Group

Andy Grush - Creative Director

James Carey Haun - Music Arrangement

David Gold - Executive Producer

Katie Overcash - Sr. Producer

Michael Yessian - Head of Production

Brian Yessian - CCO

Company 3

Dave Hussey - Colorist

Handsome Sound

Chris Forrest - Sound Engineer