Date: Sep 2019
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To mark the release of scary clown movie 'It Number Two' - Burger King in Germany has pounced on the opportunity to take aim at its clown-fronted competitor, McDonald's by offering up its own restaurant as a refuge.

Targeting McDonald's customers, the aim of #EscapeTheClown is to get the fast-foodies out of the golden arches and into the nearest Burger King.

Using geo-targeting, McDonald's customers will receive a message on their Facebook or Twitter, inviting them to open the rival's cinema magazine to read the review of It. After finding the article, readers can scan the page with their Burger King app.

Once they click on the 'Escape the Clown' button, a red balloon will float up with a coupon to receive a Whopper burger for only one cent.

To heighten the 'scary' experience for customer's, the app will calculate a 'flee and run' route to the nearest Burger King, and a countdown begins. A sure way to get customer's running out your rival's door.