Client: Budweiser
Date: Apr 2020
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To remind people to check in on friends and family during lockdown, Budweiser has revisted its iconic 'Wassup' adverts.

Using the original cast with re-recorded audio to ensure the ad obeys the governments lockdown measures, the spot leads the viewer to believe that they are communicating with eachother from quarantine.

Budweiser chose to remake the commericial, in response to the YouGov insight that found one in five Brits are living along during lockdown.

The spot is thus desgined to encourage people to think of those who might need them right now with the message: 'Buds Support Buds; Check In On Yours.'

Using the hashtag #TogetherAtADistance, Budweiser wants to rally people to support each other and remind them that while we cannot be physically close, they can stay connected.