Agency: Bud Light
Date: Jul 2019
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Dilly Dilly – it’s back! Bud Light announces the next phase of its infamous Dilly Dilly campaign; Refreshingly Uncomplicated. The new creative celebrates the clean, crisp and refreshing taste of Bud Light whilst embracing the brand’s light-hearted and uncomplicated personality.

Bud Light’s Refreshingly Uncomplicated launched with a prime TV ad spot on Friday (5 July) during Channel 4’s The Last Leg, and will run until December 2019.

The creative opens with the now-familiar Bud Light King entering a pub and ordering his loyal subjects the drink of preference – a light and fresh Bud Light – to cheers of “Dilly Dilly!”.

However, one exasperating pub-goer, who is unsurprisingly sat alone in the corner, continually interrupts the King’s order to express his desire for a mead. But not just any Mead, actually; an autumnal, malty and full-bodied mead, much to the King’s annoyance.

So, the King does what any dignitary would do and orders the Bud Light Knight to place the irritating mead-drinker in stocks outside of the venue, so that everyone else can enjoy their refreshingly uncomplicated Bud Light in peace.

The multi-million-pound campaign is an extension of the brand’s previous Dilly Dilly campaign, which came to the UK after runaway success in the US.