Date: Mar 2017
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60.1% of Croats think that their country is going in the wrong direction. In 2016 alone, 62.000 young, educated Croats left the country. In the last decade, the country’s population decreased by 5.6%.

The Adris Foundation has supported hundreds of educational and scientific projects in Croatia. 24 of the best Croatian illustrators portrayed those projects for this book. Seeing them gathered inside, you feel HOPE that Croatia has a future. The book’s cover is sensitive to touch. The more it is used,

The more Hope there is (the word “nada” on the book’s covers means “hope” in Croatian).

The book was presented and distributed during the Adris Foundation anniversary ceremony in the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts.


Creative director: Davor Bruketa

Additional credits: Editor in chief: Predang Grubic

Executive editor: Kristina Milijavac

Editor: Bozo Skoko

Account director: Masa Ivanov

Head of illustration: Miran Tomicic

Head of pre-press/DTP: Radovan Radicevic

Account executive: Zrinka Podar

Production manager: Vesna Durasin

Pre-press/DTP operator: Danko Durasin

Video editor: Ivan Pavicic

Illustrator: Iva Curic, Nebojsa Cvetkovic, Ana Zaja Petrak, Danijel Srdarev, Luka Juras, Davor Sunk, Hana Tintor, Anita Celic – Cella Klarxy, Klaexy, Vedran Klemens, Filip Peraic, Alen Lipus, Tomislav Torjanac, Imelda Ramovic (Mireldy Design studio), Tea Jurisic, Srdana Modrinic – BooBoo, Helena Janecic, Igor Taritas, Slaven Kosanovic – Lunar, Tomislav Sestak, Dominik Vukovic, Tonka Lujanac, Vendi Vernic, Davor Rukovanjski

Data researchers: Lidija Gedike, Marica Kozarec

Covers technical solution: Miha Karoly

Print: Cerovski Print Boutique