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Islandsbanki’s Reykjavík City Marathon: Reykjavík City Marathon by Brandenburg

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Íslandsbanki’s Reykjavík City Marathon is an annual charity event, where people can sign up to run between three and 42km in support of a charity of their own choosing. The fundraising itself is based on a simple pledge system, where others can pledge to donate an amount of their choice in support of their favorite runners or causes.

Twenty famous Icelandic actors teamed up and wanted to donate their time and raise money for a good cause through the Reykjavík City Marathon. The spot shows them running in the sort of situations actors often find themselves in - alien invasions, explosions, elopements and bank heists. The film encourages marathon runners to think about exercise as a form of adventure, rather than an ordeal.


Advertised brand: Reykjavik Marathon - Islandsbanki

Advert title: You better run

Headline and copy text (in English): You better run

Advertising Agency: Brandenburg, Reykjavik, Iceland

Agency website:

Agency Twitter account: @brandenburgrvk

Jon Ari Helgason - Creative Director - Brandenburg advertising agency

Hogni Valur Hognason - Art Director - Brandenburg advertising agency

Gulli Adalsteinsson & Hrafn Gunnarsson - Creatives - Brandenburg advertising agency

Bragi Valdimar Skulason - Copywriter - Brandenburg advertising agency

Jon Pall Halldorsson & Unnie Arendrup - Illustrators - Brandenburg advertising agency

Marino Thorlacius - Photographer

Sam & Gun - Directors - Skot productions

Skot - Production company