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Bodyform: Pain Stories

Client: Bodyform
Date: Mar 2021
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Essity, creator of Libresse, Bodyform, Nana, Nuvenia, Nosotras and Saba, has launched its latest taboo busting activation, #Painstories, exploring the true extent of the pain women endure and inviting them to share their stories.

The experience of pain for women is complex, complicated and desperately under-acknowledged. Endometriosis is just one example of the agony being endured. It affects one in 10 women but, astonishingly, takes an average of seven and a half years to be diagnosed due to the perceived notion that severe period pain is ‘normal.’ Enduring this pain has a profound impact on every area of sufferers lives with some people experiencing depression, loss of relationships and in some cases even considering suicide. This is also reflected in their work with research finding that over 40% of those with endometriosis had given up or lost their job because of it.

In order to better support those living with intimate pain, Bodyform has initiated The Pain Dictionary. This ongoing project uses real descriptions of pain from those with endometriosis, from which Bodyform has created pain words and definitions. The Pain Dictionary gives sufferers a new language to express their pain to doctors, empowers people to recognise severe pain as a problem and to seek help, as well as raising awareness for endometriosis.