Client: SingleCare
Date: Dec 2019
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SingleCare, the free prescription savings service, announced it has partnered with legendary actor Martin Sheen on a national television and digital advertising campaign to show Americans how they can save a significant amount of money on their medications by using SingleCare.

In it Sheen addresses the high cost of prescription drugs and lack of price transparency that millions of US consumers face every day when filling their prescriptions. Voicing a sentiment close to the hearts of millions of Americans, Sheen protests the unreasonable cost of medications, demanding a better solution. Upon discovering SingleCare, Sheen explains to viewers how they can simply show the SingleCare app to their pharmacists and save up to 80% on their prescriptions, compared to the average cash price of the drugs, and he does so with a presidential flair as he did on The West Wing.

“Many Americans are skipping out on taking their prescriptions and putting their health at risk, simply because they can’t afford their medications,” said Sheen. “This is a national crisis that must be addressed. While I am fortunate to have prescription insurance through my union (Sag/Aftra) to make my prescriptions affordable, there are millions who aren’t so lucky or whose insurance doesn't cover what they need.”


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