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Nectar Sleep: Real, Sleep Science from Mayim Bialik by Boathouse Agency

Date: Dec 2018
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The up-and-coming mattress brand Nectar Sleep partnered with TV star Mayim Bialik, utilizing her background as a neuroscientist, to dive into the importance of a good night’s sleep for the human brain in the digital video campaign called ‘Real, Sleep Science from Mayim Bialik.’

Bialik dons a lab coat and states that, in the ongoing battle with her brain and her heart, her brain and the sleep that fuels it, should reign supreme. In the nearly two-minute video, Bialik implores over-tired Americans to wise up on how a lack of sleep affects the brain. She cites that when our brains get tired, our hearts take over and “some of the biggest mistakes you’ve ever made” start happening – like dating a coworker and other relatable and regrettable scenarios. She also gives examples of some of a rested brain’s most groundbreaking and joyous inventions ranging from toe socks to space travel.

Throughout the campaign, Bialik is accompanied by Nectar Sleep’s signature CGI brain character, along with a new CGI heart character to the mix as a way to touch on just how stressful and emotional decision-making can be after a bad night’s sleep on a low-quality mattress.


Agency & Talent Services - The Boathouse Agency

Production Company - The Boathouse Studio

Director - Aram Rappaport

Script Writers & Lead Creatives - Noam Sharon & Tal Rosenthal

Cinematographer - Julio Macat

Executive Creative Directors (The Boathouse Agency) - Cosmo Jones & Aram Rappaport

Agency Producer (The Boathouse Agency) - Katie Mason

Studio Producer (The Boathouse Studio) - KT Kent

Character Animation - Nir Ginat

Additional Special Effects - Jeremy Thomas