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Seti Institute: Branding by bmb

Agency: bmb
Date: Aug 2016
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Founder and Chairman of BMB, Trevor Beattie has teamed up with designer Dan Forde to create a new logo and corporate ID for the US-based research organisation, The Seti Institute. Seti’s mission is to search for, and understand life beyond Earth. Beattie, a renowned space enthusiast (and fully paid-up customer for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceflight trip) admits that the project was as much a privilege as a challenge.

Beattie spent several weeks working alongside former BMB designer, Dan Forde to produce an almost infinitely adaptable logo icon. BMB’s social media team will produce a roll-out campaign where the new SETI question mark logo will be used to highlight a series of probing questions about Saturn, Mars and the wider Universe.

The new logo made its debut public appearance via a cryptic billboard placed above a busy freeway in San Francisco. As online buzz built around the mysterious Question Mark on an image of the solar system, the hashtag islifeeverywhere? Was added, before a final reveal.


Creative Director: Trevor Beattie

Designer: Dan Forde