Agency: BMB
Client: Innocent
Date: Dec 2020
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To mark the strangest Christmas in recent history, Innocent drinks and creative agency BMB have created a children’s story book that answers the big question on the lips of children around the world: given the events of 2020, how will Santa be able to visit every household, safely and without contravening government rules?

In 'Will Santa Claus Still Come To Town', a-less-than-jolly and slightly fretful St. Nick is left pondering how he’ll be able to execute his present-giving duties, imagining a series of fantastically ridiculous alternatives to his usual sleigh-based delivery method, before innocent saves Christmas, by delivering him The Santa Safety Suit; combining ‘hazmat level PPE’ with handy repellant features like ‘sprout-tech’, which emits the wafting smell of everyone’s favourite (or not) festive veg to keep rule-breaking festive revellers at bay, as well as a satsuma pouch in which to store his citrus booty.

The big man is liberated from the fear of infection and flies off into the night sky, safe in the knowledge that, thanks to innocent, Christmas isn’t cancelled.

A tongue-in-cheek short film tells the story in classic Jackanory style before our narrator, who is revealed to be the real Santa, is seen trying on the suit in real life.