Orchard Valley Harvest: Orchard on the Go by Blue Chip

Agency: Blue Chip
Date: Apr 2018
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Blue Chip partnered with client Orchard Valley Harvest to create a lush, verdant orchard - in a city bus. 'Orchard on the Go' is the brand’s first experiential production, and aims to raise awareness for their non-GMO, project verified, pure and simple fruit and nut mixes.

Why an orchard in a city bus? According to the ad, there are approximately 2,500 orchards in the US and 250 million people living in urban areas without access to an orchard. Working with OutCold, Blue Chip and Orchard Valley Harvest transformed a 1961 GMC bus into an orchard that 'grows' an assortment of Orchard Valley Harvest fruit and nut mixes and filmed reactions from city folks as they stepped off Dallas streets and into a lush orchard.

Currently, this is running online only in major markets.


Blue Chip Credits:

Doug Ehninger, Director, Business Leadership

Morgan Raphael, Business Leader

Sandy Gordon, Sr. Producer

Joel Walker, Group Creative Director

Doug Van Andel, Executive Creative Director

Robert Soltan, Senior Copywriter

Darick Maasen, Associate Creative Director, Design

Sara Cottrill, Supervisor Project Leadership

Deanna Fahey, Project Leader

Scott Bednar, AD/Graphic artist

OutCold Credits:

Fritz Heffinger, Chief Executive Officer

Liam Boyle, Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Miller, Content Director

Claire Williams, Account Manager

Annelise Smith, Producer

David Harper, Associate Creative Director

Kenneth Browne, Editor

Cliff Ewert, Shop Production Director

Tim Carmichael, Lead Shop Fabrication Manager

Timmy Theus, Shop Fabrication Assistant

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