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Roku: See it all, Hear it all, Love it all by Big Spaceship

Client: Roku
Date: Dec 2018
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Roku has launched an exciting new holiday ad campaign to help drive further awareness of its products, and device sales during the holiday season. The campaign was created by Big Spaceship, an ad agency based in New York City with three main tag lines: ‘See it all’ for Roku TVs, ‘Hear it all’ for Roku TV Wireless Speakers and ‘Love it all’ for Roku content.

Using the power of its OTT ad platform to target and engage viewers, the campaign is running across various channels including on-screen display ads, video, web and email in the US, Canada, the UK and portions of Latin America. In addition, the company is leveraging some barter media placement from its partnership with the Nasdaq.

With nearly 24 million active accounts and deep insights into overall consumer behaviors, Roku is able to appeal to specific types of consumers – from those who like to gift to those who like to self-gift, as well as those who have older Roku device models and may be interested in upgrading. Roku offers 4K experience via its TVs and players.

There are 30-, 15- and six-second ads running on the Roku platform.


Adam Gloo - Group Creative Director

Christine Gratton - Creative Director

Jordan Makow - Director of Content Production

Jordan Middendorf - Account Director

Strategy Director - Dan Bort

Stephen Gariepy - Senior Producer

Liz Agans - Senior Art Director

Kyle Kimball - Senior Copywriter

Ghost Robot - Production Company