International Rescue Committee: Dear Refugees, We Stand With You by Big Spaceship

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Imagine what we lose, if refugees lose our support. This is the key message presented in a campaign launching June 20, World Refugee Day. With the global spotlight this important day brings, International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Big Spaceship are shining a light on famous refugee success stories, and bringing them into present day - into a world that isn’t as welcoming.

How would the world be different if it wasn’t open to refugees? It’s a hard question to answer until you look at the collective contributions refugees bring to the communities that welcome them; from culture, art and cuisine to labor and economic impact and so much more, refugees are vital to making our world a richer, more vibrant, better place to live.

It becomes clearer still when you consider that some of the world’s most important contributions - to science, music, literature, art, sports and so much more - came from refugees, people who had to leave their countries of origin in search of safe harbor, because their lives were at risk.

Albert Einstein, Freddie Mercury, Elie Wiesel, Gloria Estefan, Marc Chagall, Luka Modrić, M.I.A. and the authors of Curious George - these are just a few examples of people who changed our world and who were also refugees.

The IRC launched a global campaign calling for welcome and spotlighting the contributions refugees have made to and are continuing to make to society. To aid in spreading the word, actors Lena Headey, Keegan-Michael Key and Mandy Patinkin lent their own voices to short films created by Big Spaceship.

The hero film is a love letter to eight former refugees. But its true message is to show what’s really at stake for millions of refugees today. Because they may never reach their potential if action isn’t taken to protect their present.


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