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Burger King: #KingofUmarells by The Big Now

Date: May 2016
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Every day hundreds of people use social networks to ask us when and where we will open new Burger King restaurants. How can tell them that we'll soon fulfil their wish in a cool way using digital channels?

Before a new restaurant there always comes a construction site. And for every construction site, there is always a group of "Umarells" to be found.

The idea is to have Umarells as the heroes of a video. Umarells recruited by Burger King had the chance to supervise for a day the work in progress of one of the upcoming restaurants; a construction site entirely for them, where workers actually listened to their advice.

The video describing their dream come true was able to answer the fans' requests in an unexpected way.


Executive Creative Director: Stefano Morelli

Art Director: Alessandro Bigi, Davide Bodano, Giacomo Putignano

Copywriter: Paolo Platania, Tania Loschi, Jacob Salmona Arcari

Additional Credits: Production Company: TaplessFilm

Regia: Beppe Tufarolo