Client: Puma
Date: Nov 2019
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The privilege of those who had the chance to see Pelé playing is undisputed. To relive those moments nowadays, one must rely on news reports, videos or photos. But technology is here to change this scenario, giving new generations the chance to play and have the feeling of seeing the King of Soccer score another goal, even if virtually.

From this proposition sprung the idea that, on the day the former star celebrates 50 years since his 1,000th goal a campaign will help him achieve the same feat of 1969 in the universe of games — a tribute to the man who wore the yellow jersey like no one else.

PUMA and Havas are calling on videogame players from Brazil and abroad to play with Pelé's avatar on consoles, to score with the King and share on social media using #eKingPelé until they reach 1,000 goals.


Agency: BETC/Havas

Client: PUMA Brasil

Campaign Name: #eKingPelé

CCO: Erh Ray

Executive Creative Director: Andrea Siqueira

Creative Directors: Gabriel Sotero and Murilo Melo

Creation: Victor Castelo, Leandro Oliveira, Vitor Chagas and Raul Lima

Typography / Press Kit Illustration: André Batista and André Ignatiuk

Media: Carlinha Gagliardi, Fabrício Duarte and Stephanie Scibor

Account: Giovana Degen

Strategy: Agatha Kim and Mirella Nascimento

BI: Felix Fontes

Integrated Production Director: Anna Luisa Ferraz

Production Company: Modernista Creative Producers

Executive Producer: Marcelo Monteiro

Directors: Alexandre Lucas and André Inácio

Photography Director: Tiago Cauduro and Nestor Grun

Production Coordinator: Juan Alberto

Editing and Post-Production: The End

3D Modelling: Paulo Filipe Souza

Sound Company: Satelite Audio

Music Directors: Roberto Coelho, Kito Siqueira, Hurso Ambrifi and Daniel Iasbeck

Customer Service: Renata Costa and Nicole Bonnet

Music Production: Roberto Coelho, Kito Siqueira, Hurso Ambrifi, Daniel Iasbeck, Mike Vlcek, Thiago Colli, Charly Coombes, Helton Oliveira and Ian Sierra

Finalization: Ricardo Bertran, Celso Moretti, Carla Cornea, Ian Sierra and Isadora Penna

Production Coordination: Ana Cordeiro, Mariana Tardelli and Rafa Oliveira

General Assistant: Renan Marques

Social Media Partner: Vbeta

Community Manager: Roberta Raduan and Thais Souza

Advertiser: Fabio Kadow, Isabella Quarterone and Rubia Pria