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Reporters sans frontières: FightFakeNews by BETC Paris

Agency: BETC Paris
Date: May 2018
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To mark World Press FreedomDay (3 May), Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is launchinga “#FightFakeNews” campaign, because combatting disinformation is now oneof the biggest challenges for journalism’s defenders.

The campaign’s key element is a TV spot entitled “FightFakeNews” that wasproduced for RSF by BETC Paris.

It compares the harm to humans caused by counterfeit industrial orpharmaceutical products with the political harm resulting from counterfeit newsand information. Unlike the traditional type of fakes, whose impact on healthor the environment is visible and measurable, “fake news” undermines thefoundations of democracy in a more insidious way.

“Content thatis produced in a rigorous and honest manner is increasingly being subjected tounfair competition from sponsored content, propaganda and rumors,”RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. "As surveyshave shown, fake news circulates more easily that trustworthy news because of acognitive bias in human beings. We cannot remain passive in the face of thisthreat to the honesty of the public debate and, by extension, to democracy. RSFis taking concrete steps to promote journalistic freedom, independence andpluralism.”


BETC Paris

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