Agency: BETC Paris
Date: Mar 2016
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Petit Bateau is back with a new global outdoor and print campaign that once again celebrates children and their endless creativity. The campaign created by BETC Paris consists of 8 colourful images of kids wearing homemade masks, straight out of their imagination.

The visuals pay homage to what has always made the brand’s success: the quality of its products, combined with a strong knowledge and affection for children and their personality traits; their creativity, their free spirit and their energy.

Each print has a Petit Bateau clothing tag with the signature launched in November, “For Serious Kids”, complete with funny little pictograms.

The campaign was shot by photographer duo Réné and Radka.


Creative Director: Remi Babinet, Jasmie Loignon

Art Director: Damien Bellon

Assistant Art Director: Albert Yvert

Copywriter: Damien Bellon, Gabrielle Attia

Photographer: Rene and Radka

Additional Credits: Production: Brachfeld

Art Buying: Victoria Vingtdeux