Agency: BETC Paris
Date: May 2019
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After celebrating its 85th anniversary by recalling the timeless elegance of Lacoste style with the Timeless campaign, the French brand reveals its new advertising campaign, Crocodile Inside.

Dreamed up by BETC and signed Life is a Beautiful Sport, this campaign which consists of a film and a series of outdoor visuals, emphasises the brand's fundamental values: tenacity, freedom of the mind and of movement, and creativity. The Lacoste elegance exceeds a purely stylistic dimension; it is a way of life: being elegant in every situation, even in adversity, is the challenge the brand has chosen to highlight.

Crocodile Inside – New Lacoste brand film

The new brand film is central to the campaign. Like in the two previous Lacoste productions, the film features a couple. However this time the love story is less idealized and romanticised. On the contrary, the film takes its departure in a fight and we see a couple on the verge of tearing itself apart. Words that can’t be taken back are said and a metaphoric gap is created between the man and the woman. As their home and the entire building collapses and crumbles into pieces around them, they suddenly realize that they have gone too far, and they take a brave leap back towards each other. The scene is intensified by the spectacular stunts and décor, in a powerful illustration of their desperate fight to not give up on one another and their values.