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Disney: Disneyland Paris - The little duck by BETC Paris

Agency: BETC Paris
Client: Disney
Date: Jan 2019
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Disney employs its unparalleled skills at storytelling to tell the enchanting tale of a charming little duckling, with the aim of reminding us of the wonders of Disneyland Paris as a magical destination.

The heartwarming ad has been produced by BETC for the launch of Disney's new signature - 'Where Magic Gets Real.'

The animation opens with a fluffy duckling, straying away from its flock, to chase a butterfly as it flutters through the calm river-side scene.

The butterfly lands on a copy of Walt Disney's Stories, and our inquisitive little duckling comes face to face with Donald Duck for the first time. It's love at first sight.

Although the magazine is larger than it, the duckling endeavours to read the stories, which quickly consume him. From then on, the little duckling is transfixed by the tales - living, breathing and dreaming of Donald Duck.

His time is cut short when the weather changes course, and the little duck must leave the magazine to migrate to warmer climates. Little does our duckling know that the final destination ends up to be Disneyland Paris - the home of Donald Duck.

As he comes beak-to-beak with his idol, our heartstrings pull so strongly they're about to burst.

Through a clever display of anthropomorphism, Disney captures the wonder and excitement that kids feel for Disneyland Paris.


Agency: BETC

Client: Disneyland Paris

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