Date: Apr 2022
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Beats by Dre has collaborated with fashion icon and DJ Kerwin Frost for a space-aged version of the Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones aptly called the ‘Cosmophones.’ The hero film features musical legends Thundercat and Eddie Chacon.

The spot sees Thundercat standing in a field. The set is kaleidoscopic and slightly warped, and as he looks directly into a giant telescope viewers see him wave at a charismatic claymation-style moon. Gazing around the faraway galaxy, the bassist locks eyes with an animated Frost, who beckons him to check out the new Beats headphones that are floating among the stars.

As Thundercat tries on the ‘Cosmophones,’ the vocals of Eddie Chacon kick in and the Grammy-winning artist is transported to a different world. Throughout the short film, multiple creative techniques are used including claymation, animation and live-action segments, which gives the ad an immersive and unique feel.