Client: Singtel
Date: Dec 2017
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Singtel has gone down the emotional storytelling route for its Christmas ad, showing the story of Ah Ma’s Christmas and how it was nearly ruined by technology.

The ad starts in a now familiar family setup, in which everyone is very busy and constantly on their phones. It follows Ah Ma as she prepares for the festive season, with no one helping her get things ready. After finding last year's present - a phone that her son hasn’t had the time to teach her to use - she starts recording videos, capturing a moment in which she laments for more quality time.

In a more humorous turn, Ah Ma send the video to the family by mistake and as the family realise the importance of the moment, she takes a selfie. The message ending with this is intended to show that sometimes technology can bridge the generational gap and bring people together, linking to the company’s Savvy Silvers programme.

The video will be shown on TV and on social media until the end of December 2017.


Agency: BBH Singapore

Director: K. Rajagopal