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IKEA: Choice by BBH Singapore

Client: IKEA
Date: Nov 2017
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Ikea has rolled out four films highlights highlighting how there are some things in life one can't choose like their mother-in-law or daughter’s boyfriend or wife’s beloved cats but furniture one can.

The film 'Now your mother-in-law but there's choice' shows how a man has to watch on TV what his mother-in-law is watching with a background voice saying "You can't change your mother-in-law but you can change the furniture." So he replaces the normal chair with a rocking chair and can now enjoy watching sports on TV as his mother-in-law is fast asleep on the chair.


Executive Creative Director: Joakim Borgstrom

Creative Directors: Nikhil Panjwani, Joakim Borgstrom

Writers: Keng Chien Hong, Nikhil Panjwani

Art Directors: Ronald Bunaidi, Soo Yeon Bae

Planning Director: Rebecca Ash

Account Director: Chloe Fair

Account Manager: Abbas Zafar

Producer: Wendi Chong

Director: Augusto G Zapiola

Co-director: Nano Tidone

Production House: Argentina Cine, Buenos Aires

DOP - Christos Voudouris

Music Composition - Bigotes Musica

Line Production: Two Monkeys, Bangkok

Post Production: The Quiet Lab

Editor: Lee Hwee