Agency: BBH NY
Client: Seamless
Date: Nov 2017
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One of the perks of ordering food online (besides not having to cook) is being able to personalize your meal just the way you like it with the special instructions feature. And for Seamless, the brand experiences first-hand how New Yorkers submit some exceptionally detailed and often hilarious requests.

In the latest installment of its 'How New York Eats' campaign, Seamless and agency BBH New York ran with this inspiration and dug into the data of real customer instructions to highlight some of these crazy requests. We’ve brought them to life throughout the city with TV, social and a collection of illustrated subway ads.

The campaign not only highlights a popular product feature, but continues to celebrate the thousands of diverse people who rely on Seamless every day to deliver their unique food preferences, and the variety of tastes that make NYC such an amazing food destination.

The campaign features real-life special instructions such as:

“Please make one additional tiny version of my order for my hamster.”

“Please keep pita separate. One person doesn’t like pita. Other two look forward to pita."

“Extra ketchup, please. I ordered a smoothie, but I am out of ketchup.”



Chief Marketing Officer: Barbara Martin Coppola

Senior Director, Brand Marketing: Jessica Burns

Senior Associate, Brand Marketing: Laura Ferguson

Brand Marketing Associate: Katie Greenbaum

Growth Marketing Manager: Brian Carcich


Chief Creative Officer: Gerard Caputo

Group Creative Directors: Daniel Bonder, Dave Brown

Associate Creative Directors: Taylor Marsh, Diego Fonseca

Art Director: Casey Schweikert

Copywriter: Liz Loudy

Head of Design: Bruno Borges

Designer: Stephanie Muñoz

Business Director: Alex Monger

Account Managers: Shana Honig, Enrique Espinetti

Head of Production: Kate Morrison

Head of Art Production: Rebecca ONeill

Senior Producers: Christina Carter, Samuel Kilbeth

Senior Print Producer: Rachel Freed

Associate Producer: Christopher Galvin

Director of Studio Operations: John Connolly

Retoucher: Brian Truncali

Studio Production Artists: Benny Perez, Sam Gilliland

UX Director: Kelly Bignell

Communications Planner: Zack Green

Strategist: Alex Beerden

Project Manager: Nu’uve’a Eshelman

The Slaughterhouse @ BBH NY:

Line Producer: Meg Volk

Post Producer/VFX Supervisor: Maggie Miller

Editor: Jim Schwartz

Animation: Roman Micevic

VFX/Finishing: David Forcada

Sound Design/Mix: Kevin Hastings

Greenpoint Pictures

Director: Micah Perta

Out of Home Media: Posterscope

Director: Mara Carolan

Jr. Media Planner: Talia Garti

VP, Strategy & Innovation: Ahmad Sayar