Planned Parenthood of New York: Protect Our Freedom to F*ck by BBH NY

Agency: BBH NY
Date: Jul 2018
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Planned Parenthood wants to protect New Yorkers' rights to have sex with whomever they want with a 'Protect Our Freedom to F*ck' campaign.

The campaign, by BBH NY, uses frank language and a diverse cast to rally a younger audience to donate and raise awareness for Planned Parenthood in New York City. It’s a sex-positive campaign that celebrates the passion New Yorkers have for the city and for each other, and that PPNYC is here to help New Yorkers protect themselves and live healthy and fulfilling lives.

BBH NY has created a fully integrated campaign that is uniquely New York. BBH's strategy and creative teams partnered with ModCo media to develop the creative idea that covers online video, social content, digital display, OOH, print ads, retail partnerships, and a wide assortment of branded swag.

The campaign is designed to reach New Yorkers where and when the campaign will be most relevant to them: when people are on dates, going out at night or having experiences where this message would be fun and meaningful. Millennials may see the campaign when getting into a taxi late night or early morning; there are coasters, posters, condoms, and stickers in bars; and branded swag sold in stores.

The video spot, directed by Randy Krallman from Smuggler, highlights the diversity and strong personalities of the NYC population, and features people around the city speaking their minds in a way that only New Yorkers can. A woman walking down the street says, “F*ck New Yorkers who love to complain" while another doing laundry at a laundromat exclaims, “F*ck anyone with a washer-dryer. In their f*cking apartment.”

The video ends with, “Protect our right to safely f*ck whoever the f*ck we want. Donate to Planned Parenthood of New York City.”


Client: Planned Parenthood of New York City

Board Chair: Katie Danziger

Chief Executive Officer and President: Laura McQuade

Chief of External Affairs: Christina Chang

Chief of Development: Keith Corso

VP of Communications and Marketing: Adrienne Verrilli

Communications Director: Carrie Mumah

Agency: BBH NY

Chief Creative Officer: Gerard Caputo

Group Creative Directors: Hugo Bierschenk, Dean Woodhouse

Copywriter: Liz Loudy

Art Director: Casey Schweikert

Head of Design: Bruno Borges

Designer: Rachel Hess

Head of Production: Kate Morrison

Executive Producer: Abbie Noon

Producer: Rebecca O’Neill

Senior Print Producer: Rachel Freed

Director of Business Affairs: Librado Sanchez

Head of Account Management: Brett Edgar

Account Supervisor: Lucie Kittel

Account Manager: Cristina Flores

Office Coordinator: Elena Licursi

Chairman, Global Chief Strategy Officer: Sarah Watson

Head of Strategy: Kendra Salvatore

Strategy Director: Jenifer Murray

Group Communications Planning Director:Darus Zahm

Communications Planner: Christin Wiegand

Production Artists: Benny Perez, Sam Gilliland

Media Agency: MODCo Media

President: Eileidh Bamford

Business Manager: Libby Van Meter

VP, Media: Jodi Andrews

Associate Media Director: Jeff Klein

Director, OOH: Felicia McCleary

Production Company: Smuggler

Co-Founder: Brian Carmody

Co-Founder: Patrick Milling-Smith

Executive Producer: Sue Yeon Ahn

Director: Randy Krallman

Line Producer: Ian Blain

DP: Ed David

Editorial Company: Friendshop

MD/ Partner: Melissa Mapes

Editor: Ben Suenaga

Assistant Editor: Josh Nowlan

Producer: Laura Shackleford

Audio House: Sound Lounge

Mixer: Seth Phillips

Head of Production: Liana Rosenberg

Producer: Becca Falborn

Music: The Mike Theodore Orchestra “The Bull”

Music Consultant: Mind Your Music

Founder, CEO: Karyn Rachtman

VFX/Finishing: The Mill NYC

Senior Producer: Freya Hewett

Associate Producer: Ija Ochoa

2D Artist: Ben Kwok

VFX Supervisor: Kieran Hanrahan

Colorist: Michael Rossiter

Photographers: Jonathan Turton, Abbey Drucker, Ricky Rhodes

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