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Western Union: The Fast Way to Put a Smile on a Face by BBH London

Agency: BBH London
Date: Sep 2020
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Western Union, a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments, has announced the launch of a campaign to drive awareness of the speed, reliability, and convenience of sending money from the UK to the world using Western Union app and

The campaign, created by BBH London, features a portrait of a smiling woman’s face painted in quick time by professional speed painter Dave Sharp. The 'smile' will light up the streets up and down the country including a 22 ft version in Camden. The portrait and the speed in which it was created are symbolic of how fast customers can send money and put a smile on a loved one’s face.

The speed painting was captured live in South London’s Printworks, and has been turned into a beautifully emotive social film which went live across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter on 28 September. The painting itself is the artwork for the nationwide campaign which features the mural in Camden Town, roadside 6 sheets, OOH banners and bus supersides and the line: You can send money in minutes with our app.


Creative Credits:

BBH Creative Team: Adrien Raphoz & Grant Codron

BBH Creative Directors: Ewan Paterson & Pablo Gonzalez De La Peña

BBH Strategy Director: Saskia Jones & John Harrison

BBH Business Lead: Patrick Farrall

BBH Account Manager: Eddy Yan

BBH Account Executive: Amelia Lloyd

BBH Producer: Tom Burns

Film Credits:

Production Company: Global Street Art

Producer: Lee Bofkin

DoP: Auberon Hall

Post Production: Global Street Art

2nd Camera assistant: Alberic Hall

Editor/Editing House: Auberon Hall, Global Street Art

Print Credits:

BBH Producer: Tom Burns

Artist: Dave Sharp

Media agency: Media Hub

eBay: Puzzle by McCann

Added 27 October 2020
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