Agency: BBH London
Date: May 2021
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In a world full of fake news and recipe secrecy, Burger King UK has launched a campaign that reveals there are no secrets behind its famous burger. The 'secret' ingredient of its flame-grilled Whopper is just fire.

To put the conspiracies to bed, BBH created a campaign showing the nation how fire impacts the quality of Burger King’s food. Rather than being simply a cooking method, the fire represents a key ingredient. In Whopper terms, flame-grilling means a smokey smell, locked in juices and intense taste.

Inspired by actual theories from members of the public on Reddit, the campaign consists of a series of films in which the viewer is immersed in a world of Whopper flavour conspiracy, only to reveal the one and only Burger King secret: fire.

The first spot in the series opens on a pair of customers in a Burger King restaurant discussing the theory that the smokey flavour you get in a Whopper is in fact a liquid smoke. The film, directed by Andrew Gaynord, ends on the tagline ‘It’s not a secret. It’s real fire.'


Katie Evans: Burger King Chief Marketing Officer

Soco Nunez: Burger King Marketing Director – Brand and Comms Director

Suzi Hoy: Burger King Brand Manager

BBH Creative / Art Director: Wil Maxey BBH Creative / Writer: Elliott White

BBH Creative Director: Felipe Guimarães

BBH Chief Creative Officer: Stephen de Wolf

BBH Strategist: Laura Casado Cisa

BBH Strategy Director: Saskia Jones

BBH Account Executive: Lwimbo Malanda and Moses Odubiyi

BBH Account Manager: Laura Huber

BBH Senior Account Director: David White

BBH Film Producer: Zaf Choudhury

BBH Assistant Film Producer: Khalil Orrett

Production Company: MindsEye

Director: Andrew Gaynord

Executive Producer: Hughie Phillips

Producer: Max Yeoman

DoP: Benedict Spence

Post Production: The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Saam Hodivala / Work Editorial

Sound: Adam Smyth / String and Tins

BBH Print Producer: Lauren Daniels

Illustrator: Cachetejack

BBH Digital Producer: Susan Liu and Marta Nelson

Production Company: Make Me Pulse