Agency: BBH London
Client: Audi
Date: Jun 2016
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The new 60-second film, entitled Spin, captures the powerful grace of the stunning R8 Coupé V10 plus as it performs a perfectly controlled slow-motion 360-degree turn. A Russian Arm camera, mounted on the roof, slowly pans around the R8, giving the viewer a close-up look of the Vorsprung durch Technik brand’s flagship performance car.

The camera then switches to an aerial viewpoint, where we see the car precisely creating the first ring of the famous four-ring Audi logo. The elegance of the R8 is highlighted by Dusty Springfield's version of Windmills of Your Mind - "Like a carousel that's turning, running rings around the moon" - taken from her classic 1968 album Dusty In Memphis.


Creative Director: Ian Heartfield

Creative Team: Vinny Olimpio

Additional Credits: Strategist: Raphael Bittner

BBH Strategy Director: Will Lion

BBH Business Lead: Polly McMorrow

BBH Account Director: Peter Blaseby

BBH Producer: Georgina Kent

BBH Assistant Producer: Sarah Finnigan-Walsh

Production Company: Rogue

Director: Mark Jenkinson

Producer: Tom Farley

Executive Producers: Charlie Crompton & Ben Hampshire

DoP: Bernd Wondollek

Post Production: The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Quin Williams @ Tenthree

Sound: Will Cohen @ String & Tins