Agency: BBH London
Client: Absolut
Date: Jul 2017
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Absolut has created a powerful poster campaign to highlight the fact that it is still illegal to engage in same-sex activity in 72 countries worldwide as part of its campaign for a more inclusive and open world. Launched on the 50th anniversary of the amendment of the Sexual Offences Act – the Act of Parliament that saw homosexuality partially decriminalised in England and Wales – the poster series features individuals from many of those 72 countries sharing a same-sex kiss to celebrate their own freedom of expression.


BBH Creative: Vinny Olimpio

BBH Creative Director: Pablo Gonzalez de la Pena, Paco Conde, Beto Fernandez

BBH ECD: Ian Heartfield

BBH Strategist: Raphael Bittner

BBH Strategy Director: Melanie Arrow

BBH Business Lead: Kate Roberts

BBH Senior Account Manager: Aymara Blanco

BBH Account Executive: Janki Shah

BBH Producer: Lauren Daniels

BBH Assistant Producer: Mercedes Januszczak

Photographer: Sam Bradley

The Absolut Company

Gaia Gilardini: Global Communications Director

Sina Neubrandt: Global Marketing Manager

Oscar Danielsson: Global Brand Manager

Pernod Ricard UK

Adam Boita: Head of Marketing

Jenny King: Senior Brand Manager

Sean Gillespie: Brand Manager

Sophie Strang: Assistant Brand Manager

Sunni Peterson: Senior Community Manager