Agency: BBH China
Date: Jun 2019
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Martell is aiming to recreate scenes in restaurants in China where it is the alcohol of choice for diners.

To do this, the Pernod Ricard-owned brand has engaged BBH to create a content series called “Martell Curious Restaurant” and features a virtual restaurant. People are encouraged to explore the restaurant using the gyroscope in their mobile phones.

By doing this, they will learn about Martell’s products like Distinction, Cordon Bleu, and Cordon Bleu Extra through stories titled “Unexpected Happiness”, “Decision of Friends” and “The Last Meal”.

The series will tell of how strangers are brought together by pairing the Martell products with food.

For example, “Decision of friends” is a story of how childhood friends nearly fall out when deciding whether to sell a business they built together to a bigger company.


Client: Martell

Business Lead:

Executive Chairman: Arto Hampartsoumian

Managing Partner: Elvis Li

Creative team:

Chief Creative Officer: Arthur Tsang

Creative Director: Justin Leung, Irisy Wang

Associate Creative Director: Tiexin Li

Account team:

Account Director: Eric Wu

Project Director: Murial Ho

Senior Account Manager: Yineng Li

Account Executive: Yeha Kim

Associate Planning Director: Tobias Wacker

Agency Executive Producer: Weisian Li

Creative Technology Director: Neil Nand

Film Production house: Pandemic

Director: Laurent King

Production house Producer: Aywei Wong

Digital Production house: RESN