Agency: BBH
Date: Dec 2019
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As 2019 winds to an end, Burger King has a secret to reveal; to prove that the Whopper outsizes its rival burger - McDonald’s Big Mac - it has hidden one behind every Whopper ad this year - even on the Whopper bus.

By definition, Burger King’s Whopper is positioned as a heftier option for fast-food lovers getting their burger fix. Seeing this as a differentiating benefit against its rival burger, Burger King endeavoured to find a way to prove it - on a massive scale.

For this reason, it hid a Big Mac behind every Whopper ad BBH made this year. Behind every piece of print, TV, in-store advertising and the Whopper bus, Burger King placed a Big Mac behind every Whopper photographed - but due to the size of its own burger, the rival gets eclipsed from sight.


Creative Credits:

Client name and titles

Burger King Marketing Director: Katie Evans

Burger King Head of Brand & Communication: Soco Nunez

Burger King Brand Manager: Suzi Hoy

BBH Creative Team: Thomas Devenport and Aubrey O'Connell

BBH Creative Director: Fred Rodwell

BBH Chief Creative Officer: Ian Heartfield

BBH Strategy Director: Saskia Jones

BBH Head of Strategy: Ben Shaw

BBH Account Director: David White

BBH Account Manager: Laura Huber


BBH Producer: Nnena Nwakodo

Production Company: Black Sheep Studios

Designer: Christian Tunstall

Editor: Gus Melton

Director: Korrie Powell

Executive Producer: Sophie Dewey

Producer: Thom Godsill

Post Production: The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Black Sheep Studios

Sound: String and Tins


BBH Head of Digital Production: Richard Atkins

BBH Digital Producer: Margarita Ognjanovic

Designer / Animator: Christian Tunstall, Sam Janar, Adam Crowley

Post Production: The Mill

Animation: Wellcom

Wellcom Producer: Ish Shein

Media agency: Vizeum

PR agency: Frank

Social Media agency: Coolr

Exposure: Ocean Digital Outdoor