Agency: BBDO
Client: Spark
Date: Nov 2019
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New Zealand telco Spark has created Bluetooth-enabled smart rugby ball to help families achieve a healthy balance of screen time and active playtime.

The prototype product, called Play by Spark, which is created in partnership with Gilbert Rugby, Nakatomi, child psychologist Dr Emma Woodward and Colenso BBDO, is currently under trial by local families.

According to Spark, the motivation behind creating the smart rugby ball stems from the understanding that Kiwi children are facing struggle to find balance with technology in their lives.

The trial will see the families are put the prototype ball to the test by taking on a series of challenges designed by Dr Woodward. The ball data captured during the trial will teach Spark even more about playtime, and inform the development of Play by Spark.

“Technology is part of everyday life and we want to help children grow up developing positive digital habits,” said Sarah Williams, the brand experience tribe lead at Sparks.

“At Spark, we’re working to equip parents with the right tools – like this smart ball and app – so that technology is part of the solution.”


Client: Spark

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Partners: Gilbert Rugby, Nakatomi, Dr Emma Woodward

Production Partner: Sweetshop

Director: Mark Albiston

Animation: Pete Circuit

Post Production: Creature

Sound: Franklin Rd

Photography: Troy Goodall

Media: PHD