Date: Aug 2016
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Uncle Ben's is on a mission to get kids cooking, and the rice brand has rolled out a touching film created by BBDO San Francisco that might change the way people think about getting their young children involved with dinnertime meal prep. In the film, kids are shown mirroring their parents' actions in the kitchen, except the children are using toy foods and utensils while their moms & dads use real ones. When each child attempts to go into the kitchen to help out with the actual meal preparations, they aren't taken seriously, and are told to go back to playing with their toys. The film ends with the message, "Your kids want to learn to cook. They just need an invitation," reminding parents that learning to cook is a useful skill for kids to learn that can put them on a path to a healthier future.


Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars

Executive Creative Directors: Matt Miller/ Steven Rutter

Executive Producer: Patti Bott

Creative Directors: Alex Stainton /Jakub Szymanski

Art Director: Alyssa Collis

Copywriters: Nate Totten/ Stephanie Fernandes

Senior Account Director: Elana Shea

Account Director: James Campbell

Account Supervisor: Weina Cai

Account Executive: Divya Reddy

Director: Karen Cunningham

US Production Company: Slim Productions US

Prague Production Company: Milk and Honey

Editorial: Umlaut Films

Editor: Jessica Congdon