Thank You Grandma by BBDO PARIS

Date: Feb 2019
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Without your grandmother, your life would be very different. That's the thinking behind a new BBDO campaign for French coffee brand Cafe Grand'Mere, which debuted a new film celebrating the generation that fought for equal treatment and social change.

It’s only right that to pay tribute to them and their exploits – and that’s what CLM BBDO did through 'Thank You Grandma' using archival footage to highlight their victories, from the seemingly minor to the most resounding.

Directed by documentary filmmaker and anthropologist Sylvain Desmille, the film, largely composed of archival images, celebrates all the pioneers who helped transform women’s place in society into what it is today. Extensive research that showcases lesser-known women; Françoise Mabille, the first French woman to become a volunteer firefighter; Violaine Sanson, member of the first women's motorcycle racing team; Astrid Hustinx, one of the first female airline pilots; parachutists Odette Rousseau and Colette Duval; and Anne Chopinet, one of the first women to attend the prestigious École Polytechnique.


Claudia Pereira

Brand Manager Café Grand'Mère

Mathilde Reymondier

Marketing Manager Café Grand'Mère

Bertrand Sero

Advertising Manager Café Grand'Mère

Benjamin Dessagne

Creative Director CLM BBDO

Stéphane Santana

Creative Director CLM BBDO

Matthieu Elkaim

Creative Director CLM BBDO

Théophile Robaglia

Art Director CLM BBDO

Joseph Rozier

Copywriter CLM BBDO

Nicolas Carlotti

Account Director CLM BBDO

Romain Bruneau

Client Director CLM BBDO

Audrey Brahic

Account Manager CLM BBDO

Morgane Bohn

TV producer CLM BBDO

Tomas Couvry

Strategic Planner CLM BBDO

Curious Film


Sylvain Desmille


Adrien Kamir


Antoine Daubert


Damien Dupoux

Motion-Designer CLM BBDO

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