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Snickers: Confession and Ahmend by BBDO New York

Client: Snickers
Date: Mar 2018
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Snickers' new creative spots for Snickers Almond and Snickers Real Peanut Butter has plenty of laughs. BBDO New York put together two spots that extend the concept that you’re not at your best when you’re hungry.

In ‘Confession,’ a man is seen in a darkened room which looks like a church confessional. He proceeds to unload his moral and legal issues, confessing to spending time on the dark web, shoplifting, had feelings for his stepmother and borderline extortion. Pull back the camera and we see a man in his driveway asking the confessor to just “read the meter.” The tag is “Hunger leads to uncomfortable situations,” and it promotes the real peanut butter in Snickers candy bars.

‘Ahmend’ finds two friends in a car. The passenger asks the driver if he has e talks about how much he loves almonds, which he pronounces in a particularly annoying way. The driver’s frustration mounts after hearing ‘ahmend’ one too many times, so he forcibly extricates himself from the situation, in humorous, and potentially injurious fashion. It’s tagged with “You overreact when you’re hungry.”


Client: Mars Chocolate North America

Josh Olken: Brand Director, Snickers Brand

Michael Italia: Sr. Brand Manager, Snickers Brand

Christie Sheffield: Sr. Associate Brand Manager, Snickers Brand

BBDO New York: Creative Agency

David Lubars: Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide

Greg Hahn: Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York

Gianfranco Arena: Executive Creative Director

Peter Kain: Executive Creative Director

Scott Mahoney: Creative Director

Dan Oliva: Creative Director

David Rolfe: EVP, Director of Integrated Production

Amy Wertheimer: EVP, Group Executive Director

Anthony Curti: Executive Producer

Kirsten Flanik: CEO & President, BBDO New York

Susannah Keller: EVP, Global Account Director

Lisa Piliguian: SVP, Account Director

Tani Corbacho: VP, Account Director

Blake Maraoui: Account Manager

Aparna Joshi: Account Manager

Danee Fields: Account Executive

Amy Orgel: Senior Project Manager

Paul Cisco: Business Manager

Annemarie Norris: SVP, Group Planning Director

Christina Stoddard: Planning Director

Sean Stogner: Senior Communications Planner

Dexter Blumenthal: Junior Brand Strategist

Michael Schonfeld: Junior Communications Planner

Radical Media: Production Agency

Steve Miller: Director

Eric Schmidt: Director of Photography

Gregg Carlesimo: Executive Producer

Frank Scherma: Executive Producer

Cathy Dunn: Head of Production

Carla Tate: Producer

Arcade: Editorial

Dave Anderson: Editor

Joseph Petruccio: Assistant Editor

Fanny Cruz: Producer

Tristen Wake: Flame Artist

Mark Popham: Flame Assistant

Company 3: Color

Tim Masick: Colorist

Heard City: Mix

Keith Reynaud: Engineer

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