Client: Pedigree
Date: Nov 2016
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To try and lift spirits during what has been a decidedly contentious election season, Pedigree worked with BBDO New York to create a social experiment to show people that staunch Trump and Hillary supporters may be able to agree on a few things after all. For the experiment, which was captured on video and is now running on Pedigree's social channels, the pet food brand sent a woman dressed in a Hillary t-shirt to a Trump rally and vice versa. When attending each candidate's rally, she pretended that she had found a lost dog and was searching for its owner. Despite wearing the opponent's shirt to each rally, she was met with kindness and support as people bonded with her over their shared love of dogs. The video ends with one man proclaiming, "we have our differences, but everyone loves dogs."


Chief Creative Officer BBDO Worldwide: David Lubars

Chief Creative Officer BBDO New York: Greg Hahn

Head of Production: Dave Rolfe

Executive Creative Directors: Greg Ketchum, Tom Godici

Creative Directors: Banks Noel, Greg Gerstner

Executive Producer: Regina Iannuzzi

Senior Account Director: Sally Nathans

Account Director: Elizabeth Kelberg

Group Planning Director: Annemarie Norris

Planning Director: Emily Rydin

Senior Communications Planner: Sean Stogner

Production Coordinator: Corie Rosenblatt

Head of Music: Rani Vaz

Production CO: BBDO Studios

Director: Win Bates Crane

EP of Crane: Constantine Bjerke

Audio: Sound Lounge - Glen Landrum

Editorial / Finishing: The Beauty Shop- editor Adam Leibowitz and Lindsey Nadolski & CO3