Client: GE
Date: Feb 2016
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Last year, GE rolled out its 'What's the matter with Owen' campaign in an effort to "attract tech talent by reinforcing GE’s position as a digital industrial company." In the ads, a college grad named Owen is excited about the position he's just landed at GE -- but he has to do a lot of explaining to his family and friends when it comes to what he'll actually be doing on the job since they still view it as a more old-school, strictly industrial company. According to BBDO New York, the campaign was a "massive success" that generated an increase in resume submissions, so the brand has released a second series of videos featuring Owen. Called 'The world is catching up with Owen,' these ads feature recruits trying to impress Owen in hopes of getting hired at GE.


Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars

Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn

Executive Creative Director: Michael Aimette

Creative Director, Copywriter: Judd Counsell

Creative Director, Art Director: Anne Lac

Executive Producer: George Sholley

Senior Director: Brandon Fowler

Account Director: Tessa Cosenza

Account Manager: Will Langenberg

Production Company: O Positive

Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella

Executive Producer: Marc Grill

Producer: Devon Clark

Director: Kenny Herzog

Editorial: Arcade Edit

Editor: Will Hasell

Executive Producer: Sila Soyer

Producer: Adam Becht

Sound Mix: Sonic Union