Client: BBC
Date: Mar 2020
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The BBC has dug into its extensive archives to deliver a series of ‘Stay at Home’ public information films with the help of some of its best-loved catalogue titles.

A series of clips have been prepared from classic episodes of Miranda, The Thick Of It and The Mighty Boosh to help relay public health messages in a relatable fashion, each bookended by a recurring plea to ‘seriously, stay at home’.

I’m Alan Partridge will also be returned to the limelight as Norfolk’s finest is enlisted to help spread the word for viewers to ‘set a routine, to help staying in’ by giving some structure to the period of enforced isolation.

Director-general Tony Hall said: “Acting on heath advice will save lives. Using our stars is a good way of getting the message out far and wide. Even if it makes just a small difference, it will be worth it.”