Agency: Barkley
Date: Oct 2018
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The Women's Foundation and Barkley used kid's favorite currency – candy – to show how children are the leading experts in fairness.

The campaign shows trick-or-treaters facing the Halloween version of a gender pay gap. Boys are delighted with giant candy, while girls are given the same sweets but in smaller sizes.

One girl cries out, "We deserve that one," while pointing at an over-sized lolipop. Another girl declares, "They're both people. They should get the same amount."

The disparity is meant to illustrate the gender pay gap in America, which on average sees women earn 80 cents on the dollar compared to men.

The kids are children of Barkley employees and friends who participated without knowing the purpose of the campaign. None of the children are cool with the discrepancy.

“Our hope is that we can play a small part in getting a generation of women the tools they need so these little girls grow up and never hear the term ‘wage gap,’” says Katy Hornaday, executive creative director at Barkley.

And don't worry, after the cameras stopped rolling the children were given plenty of equally-sized treats.


Agency - Barkley

Chief Idea Officer - Tim Galles

Executive Creative Director - Katy Hornaday

Group Creative Director - Matt Pruett

Creative - Molly Griffin

Creative - Jeremy Gilberto

Creative - Jordan Breindel

Creative - Justin Smith

VP Strategy Director - Howard Laubscher

Director of Integrated Production - Melany Esfeld

Producer - Shawn Wallace

Associate Producer - Sophie Caster

Production Company - Barkley Films

Director - Dustin Schirer

Producer - Lauren Alexander

Cinematography - Griffin Davis, Matthew Bilmes, Haley Hennier, Amanda Moy

Editor - Amanda Moy

Set Design - Matthew Wilson

Music - Primary Color Music