Dairy Farmers of America: Superdrink by Barkley

Agency: Barkley
Date: May 2018
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Mülü is the superdrink of the future. All-natural. Locally-sourced. Packed with protein. A nutritional powerhouse that’s engineered to power tomorrow’s thought disruptors and paradigm shifters. Mülü dropped this month with sleek packaging, a national online and video campaign, social platforms, and on-the-street brand ambassadors. And the best part? It contains just one ingredient: Milk.

Created by Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and Kansas City-based agency Barkley, the entire product launch is a front to rebrand the thousand-year-old drink as a cutting-edge energy solution. “The truth is dairy milk has many of the same benefits of non-dairy milk, but consumers just don’t realize it. Mülü lets them know there’s a ‘superdrink’ already in the dairy section,” says Monica Massey, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff at Dairy Farmers of America of Dairy Farmers of America.

How better to remind people of milk’s strengths than a knowing twist on every Goop-infused, VC-funded “hydration innovation” out there? “When we read the list of incredible health benefits of milk, we thought it sounded like a trendy new superdrink,” says Katy Hornaday, executive creative director at Barkley. “We added some umlauts and the campaign concept was born.” As part of World Milk Day, street teams will hand out thousands of specially-produced Mülü bottles to consumers and film their surprise reactions to the familiar “new” beverage. The campaign also includes a microsite, Instagram, and a social influencer play.


Client: Dairy Farmers of America

Chief Executive Officer - Rick Smith

Chief of Staff - Monica Massey

VP, Corporate Communications - Kristen Coady

VP, Commercial Communications - Jonas Sondergard

Director of Member Communications - Marjie Knust

Agency: Barkley

Executive Creative Director - Katy Hornaday

Creative Director - Corey Favier/Jessica Walden/Spencer Bradham

Executive Producer - Melany Estfeld

Senior Art Director - Brandon Bennett

Senior Copywriter - Tia Nowack

Senior Designer - Scott Richards

Senior Producer - JP McIntosh

Digital Director - Dave Corner

Senior Interactive Designer - Tim Canton

Designer - Katie Grissum

EVP, Account - Brad Hanna

VP, Account - Courtney Shore

Account Director - Paddy Mangunta

Account manager - Charlie Sciara

Strategist - Scott Roberts

Engagement Director - Bailey Grover

Media Planner - Jessica Cassin/Antonio Marquez

Production Company - Big Spoon Industries

Production Company Executive Producer - Craig Leffel

Production Company Line Producer - Tom Hipp

Project Manager(s) - Laura Strugar

Photography - Travis Wears

Audio - John Blank

CGI Artist - Ray Olsen

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