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Royal Academy of Engineering: This is Engineering by Bandstand

Agency: Bandstand
Date: Jan 2018
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A new campaign aimed at encouraging young people to enter the engineering profession, '#ThisIsEngineering', attempts to give the industry a more 'sexy' proposition - highlighting that you can be an engineer in exciting professions such as film, music, sport and gaming.

Created by Bandstand and FleishmanHillard Fishburn, and based on the insight that Gen Z is looking for a career that allows them to bring ideas to life, shape the future and help others, the campaign focuses on how young people can follow what they love into engineering.

A new website and advertising centres on video stories of five real, young engineers who have turned their passions into careers.


Creative agency: Bandstand

Director: Rich Hall through Riff Raff Films,

Post: Envy Post Production

PR, engagemetn and social media: FleishmanHillard Fishburn