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Milwaukee Tool: Lawn Whisperers by Bandolier Media/Classic Dad

Date: Apr 2018
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To celebrate National Lawn Care Month and feature Milwaukee Tool's outdoor power tool line, Bandolier utilised its Classic Dad brand to create a web series called 'Lawn Whisperers'.

Set in the world of competitive lawn mowing (and hedging), Lawn Whisperers follows the Lawnmaster judge and rival competitors as they battle for the top spot in the 18th Annual Crestview Classic.

The web series follows the competitors as if they were bickering reality show contestants, rubbishing each other's lawn care prowess and throwing shade at their adversaries.


George Ellis - Creative Director - Classic Dad

Lou Montemayor - Creative Director - Classic Dad

Marcus Knowles - Marketing Director - Classic Dad

Daniel Stone - Co-Founder, Classic Dad

360 Studios - Production

Sound - Haux Audio

Color/Finish - Finland Finish

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