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Fish Yeah! Records by Baldwin&

Agency: Baldwin&
Date: Mar 2019
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Quick service seafood chain, Long John Silver’s, is in the thick of seafood’s busiest season — Lent — with a new online and social-media campaign that features a record label: Fish Yeah! Records, the first band signed to it, Coral Benders, and the world’s first in-store audio coupon for discounts on purchases.

The campaign launched on Twitter (paid tweets from @longjohnslvers about starting a record label), Facebook (a link to The Ballad of Long John Silver’s on Soundcloud), and Instagram (original cover art from the Coral Benders). It runs through April 19 when Lent ends.

The first band to sign to the record label was the Coral Benders, who self-identify as “beach-adjacent” dad rock and are based in the Washington, DC area. Each week during Lent on #NewMusicFridays, the Coral Benders will release ocean-themed songs featuring LongJohn Silver’s delicious and craveable fish offerings.

Songs from the untitled album can be heard on Soundcloud with custom album artwork for each song.

Each musical release is promoted on Twitter. Long John Silver’s and Baldwin& are also driving traffic into stores through the world’s first audio coupon — customers who play the song of the week in participating stores will get offers ranging from a free drink to buy one item, get one free.

Baldwin& has been working with Long John Silver’s since 2017, producing TV campaigns and giving the brand a new look and feel that made the food the star. 'Fish Yeah! Records,' is Baldwin&’s first social campaign with the brand.



David Baldwin, CEO, Baldwin&

Jen Hazelett, Group Account Director, Baldwin&

Ashley Yetman, Brand Strategy Director, Baldwin&

Michelle Blaser, Communications Strategy Director, Baldwin&

Renee Robinson, Senior Social Media Strategist, Baldwin&

Scott Chalkley, Senior Copywriter, Baldwin&

Jen Matthews, Creative Director, Baldwin&

Jesús Diaz, Creative Director, Baldwin&

Steve Kelly, Media Supervisor, Baldwin&


Stephanie Mattingly, VP of Marketing, Long John Silver’s

Christopher Caudill, Director National Marketing, Long John Silver’s

Samantha Jackson, Brand Manager, Long John Silver’s

James O’Rielly, CEO, Long John Silver’s