Car2Go: Valentine's Day 2018 by Bakery

Agency: Bakery
Client: Car2Go
Date: Feb 2018
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The latest creative campaign from Car2Go has arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day.

While car sharing and love may not be a natural pairing, think about the best Valentine’s Day date you’ve ever had. How did you get there? Chances are, you picked your date up or rode to the destination together in a car. And car2go users are no different, with car2go data from the past two years showing an 8% increase in rentals and a 28% increase in usage (time spent using the cars) on Valentine’s Day, proving it’s still important to impress your date with a nice ride.

The new campaign highlights another surprising fact: the majority of car2go members own or have access to a personal vehicle. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like to treat themselves and loved ones to a ride in a fleet which now includes Mercedes CLA and GLAs, along with Smart Cars.

The man in the campaign's videos certainly treats the Mercedes he has like a romantic affair.


Client: car2go North America

Brand Experience Manager - Grace Glenewinkel

Communications Director - Michael Silverman

Agency – Bakery

CCO – Micky Ogando

Executive Producer – Margaret Schrader

AD - Seain Willingham

CW - Chris Nordahl

Line Producer - Chuy Hernandez

Production Company - Bobblehead

Director/ DP – Aaron Platt

Producer - Seana Flanagan

Photography - Tania Bustillos

Editor - Dieter Galván

Media Agency - Swellshark

CEO - Nick Pappas

Group Account Director - Heather Howells

Media Supervisor - Michael Marfisi

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