Car2Go: Proud to Share by Bakery

Agency: Bakery
Client: Car2Go
Date: Nov 2017
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Free-floating ridesharing service car2go released the first part of an eight-part mini-documentaries this morning. Called ‘Proud to Share,’ the brand worked with Austin-based agency Bakery to shoot and produce the series of videos. The debut starred critically-acclaimed rap duo Run the Jewels in a ride through Brooklyn, sharing experiences of how touring the borough fueled their collaborations over the years.

To Atlanta’s Killer Mike, New York was a heavy influence In the early stages of his career, but for Brooklyn-bred El-P. the birth of hip-hop took place all around him from an early age. The video starts with El-P walking Mike through the handball courts where he used to play hooky (‘We weren’t into organized sports or anything,’ the rapper jokes to his partner, ‘it’s not like Atlanta where everyone’s being trained to be a football star.’)

They discussed the shared old-school New York rap influences that brought them together to start collaborating on songs, mixtapes, and full-length album as a group. “Now we, as an entity, can now collaborate with other people.” El-P likes that: “It signifies us coming together as a group, and now people want to bring us into their world.” It serves as appropriate statement for their appearance in the video, one that also doubles as a sneak-peek to the Mercedes-Benz GLA that car2go’s 77,000 New York members can drive by year’s end.


Agency: Bakery

Client: car2go

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