Audi: Wind by AvL/SE

Agency: AvL/SE
Client: Audi
Date: Dec 2017
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Audi worked with Berlin-based agency, AvL/SE, and production company Czar on an 80-second short film told from a child’s perspective. In the spot, we see a boy in the back seat of his father’s car. He observes the pure power of the wind and how it affects everything around him through some smart but not obtrusive special effects.

The magical realism shows full-grown trees magically transform into floating dandelions, leaves migrating from tree to tree like birds, kite flyers being lifted into the air and a playful cloud hovering around the car as it drives through the countryside and by windmills. The touching film ends with the boy noting that, because his car is powered by wind-energy, it’s the wind that is driving their car as his companion cloud floats by.

With its new model, Audi expands its work in sustainable fuels. The bespoke fuel that powers the g-tron is produced by Audi itself from wind energy. The new car uses 80% fewer CO2 emissions than other models.

‘Wind’ launches on TV, online, social media channels, and print.


Advertiser: Audi Germany

Marketing: Jason Lusty

Director Marketing Communication: Yvonne Hippner

Marketing Communication Germany: Sabine Puschel

Marketing Communication Germany: Katrin Baumann

Creative Agency: AvL/SE

Managing Partner: Hubertus von Lobenstein

Chief Creative Officer: André Aimaq

Head of Client Service: Monique Garbe

Account Manager: Yvonne Abbenhaus

Executive Creative Directors: Jan Lucas, Andreas Manthey

Copy Writers: Jan Kesting, Nadia Al-Mardini, Marisa Schulz

Art Director: Mo Whiteman, Kathrin Burkhardt

Production Company: Czar

Director: Joe Vanhoutteghem

Cinematographer: Sebastian Blenkov

Executive Producer: Jan Fincke, Brox Brochot

Production Coordinator: Vincent Taeger

Production Design: Bader el Hindi

Editor: Piet Schmelz / Manu van Hove

Grading: Julien Alary @CZAR

Post Production: Nozon, Belgium

Post Supervisor: Chris Mascarello

Producer: Carmen Sanchez

Lead Compositing: Laureline Silan

Music: Hearoes