Date: Aug 2019
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A video link to Ryan Reynolds filming new slogans for his gin arrived in a cryptic email from Reynolds’ Aviation Gin account, which appeared to be a reply to a cohort at Aviation named Bruce, who originally asked how the marketing shoot for the new tagline went.

The reply from Reynolds states: “Oh. My. God. The tagline shoot = disaster. What in the fresh hell is going on with our marketing department? Let’s cancel my afternoon fish pedi because I’ve gotta solve this myself. What else is new? LOL.”

The email went on to say that they should make sure to erase the footage so it doesn’t get out. That obviously didn’t happen, as a link to the shoot was provided to all recipients of Aviation Gin emails.

In the shoot, we see the various attempts by Reynolds to milk the best from truly awful slogans. It ranged from the strange (“an illusory and fleeting sense of well-being”) to silly (“it’s just vodka, after its wish was granted”, “tastes like God cried in your mouth”) to hilariously profane (“it’ll get you f#*ked”, “if you’re drinking anything else, you’re drinking bullshit”).