Star Alliance: Digital Stories #DetailsMatter by Atomic London

Date: Dec 2018
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Star Alliance has launched a new campaign showcasing some of the technology that they are working on behind the scenes to make our journey through the airport seamless.

Inspired by science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke who famously said "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, the campaign centres around a little girl, who after seeing an airfield marshal using “magic” batons to control a huge plane, discovers that she has the same power in two colouring pens.

We watch as she walks through the airport, controlling everything. Effortlessly opening doors, starting up travelators, motioning for the baggage carousel to start and also controlling notifications on her dad’s phone.

Conceived by Atomic London, with direction from Cris Mudge and production collaboration with Armoury, the campaign launches in December on Star Alliance’s owned and all 28 member airlines’ social channels and is supported online, in digital display, and print across the globe.


Executive Creative Directors: Guy Bradbury & Dave Henderson

Creative team: Dani Brown & Alex Wood

Business Director: Christian Jaquest

Account Director: Sivanne Lewis

Agency Producer: Alex Coxhill & Leigh Casey

Production Company: Armoury

Director: Cris Mudge

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