Date: Jul 2018
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The latest film for airline group Star Alliance is a fun tribute to the car races and chases of Hollywood. But it’s Atomic’s casting that elevates the spot to a brilliant lesson in on-screen diversity.

The ad opens with a passenger arriving late to the airport with little time to make his connecting flight. He’s greeted by an airport transport buggy – only to realise when he straps in with a heavy-duty belt that his journey will be a fast one.

At the wheel is an older female driver, who expertly navigates the buggy through the airport at top speeds in the style of Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver. She halts the vehicle right in time outside the traveller’s gate and makes sure he’s in possession of his teddy bear gift before catching the flight.

Conceived by Atomic London to raise awareness of Star Alliance’s Connection Service, the film is one of a handful of non-beauty ads to feature an older – but not elderly woman in a starring role.


Client: Anna Pinckernelle and Pedro Casimiro at Star Alliance

Advertising Agency: Atomic London

Executive Creative Directors: Guy Bradbury & Dave Henderson

Business Director: Christian Jaquest

Agency Producer: Becky Ormrod & Alex Coxhill

Production Company: Armoury

Director: Ben Perry